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For those who practice yoga daily, there isn’t enough new content for that.


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Mike (TINT)

Thank you for the feedback. Here's an overview of what we released during the last 10 weeks:
- Sunrise Series (10 videos)
- Sunset Series (10 videos)
- Find Your Flow (18 videos)
- 14 live classes (including replay)
This sums up to one new class every 1.5 days.

We're committed to providing you with well-structured and professionally created content to expand your knowledge and support your daily practice. However, we won't create a new class every day just for the sake of publishing a new class.

Starting in October, you will also find our new category "TINT of the Day" with a new 2-4min video every single day, demonstrating tipps for stretching, for alignment, a mini-workout, a short meditation or anything else that supports our mission to help ambitious yoga lovers to find personal fulfillment and success with yoga.

I hope this helps you to understand our content structure and the amount of content and videos we produce a little bit better.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us and please feel free to comment underneath or contact us at namaste@tintyoga.com for further questions and comments.



Many videos are very easy and many do not reach 1 hour... there is enough content for daily practice of 1 hour at intermediate or advanced level!


Not enough