Brand-new apps: New features for a greater experience

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    Saskia (TINT)
  • on 26.10.2021

With our updated TINT iOS and Android app, you are now able to browse through the video content much easier and faster than before, so you can enjoy the experience with TINT even more. 

New Experience & Usability 

For your convenience on your journey to personal fulfillment and success, the app has become faster in general and videos load quicker as well. The app also offers the possibility to autoplay videos. In context with the change of our website design, we also changed the appearance of the app to a lighter and friendlier design.

Live Chat in app 📲

When we are live streaming a class or an event like our new quarterly online events, you can use the live chat to communicate with the participating TINT community. If you upload an avatar to your profile, the community will see who you are.

Change language 🌎 🌍 🌏

With our new language picker, we want to guarantee an even smoother navigation through the app for all of our members from around the globe. Pick one out of twelve languages to scroll through the menu and texts, and change it anytime you like.

Light and dark mode 🌗

Furthermore, you can choose your favorite mode of light and darkness in your app settings. You might enjoy a light screen throughout the day and a dark screen at night, or you might want the setting to change automatically based on your general default phone settings for color mode – whatever you prefer, you have now the chance to change the setting to your individual needs. 

🎯  What's new in a nutshell?

• New Experience & Usability 

• Live Chat on Live streaming

• Pick up to 12 languages within the app

• Light & Dark mode 

• Upload Avatar within the app

• Play All buttons

• PlayList for videos 

• Autoplay 

• Smoother app & playback

So, go ahead and don’t just try the new features – do use them. Remember, there is no try. 🙌

➡️  Download or update the TINT yoga app on your iOS or Android device. 

Available also on Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. 🖥

TINT Quarterly Event

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    Mike (TINT)
  • on 23.10.2021

Starting this October, we organize quarterly online events to interact with our community, connect people and celebrate their achievements. 

This is THE opportunity to connect with the TINT Community in an interactive online live event to celebrate yoga, celebrate life, celebrate our community!

And YES, it's included in the TINT membership!

We want to support you on your way to personal fulfillment and happiness as a true partner and coach while creating lasting memories on the way.

Our Quarterly Event is one valuable piece in the puzzle of success and growth – emotions guaranteed! This can be a themed mini-retreat, a dedicated workshop, or even an online yoga festival – all live, online, and interactive.

Our first Quarterly Event will take place on October 23th, 2021:

What could be a better kick-off event than a concept that is already known to create emotions and memories, and make your heart beat: the Heart Knock Yoga Event!

💻 Find out more on our Live page:

TINT of the Day: A new video every single day

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    Mike (TINT)
  • on 01.10.2021

Personal growth won’t happen overnight. You have probably heard the expression “practice and all is coming”. We take this a step further and argue “practice smart and all is coming”.

That’s why we created a new category for the TINT membership - our TINT of the Day. Every single day, you will have the opportunity to watch a new video with a short exercise, a quick tip, a grounding meditation, or inspiring information. TINT of the Days can be one of 4 different styles: Move, Learn, Grow and Pause, so you know exactly what to expect.

And yes you heard it right - there is a new one EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every video will stay on the platform for only a very short time because we want to motivate you to come back to your practice and learn something new DAILY!

💻 Check it out here:

Series: Balance Vinyasa Transitions - It's All About the Way with Janine Lustforlife

  • New Release
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    Mike (TINT)
  • on 26.09.2021

"Balance Vinyasa Transitions" is all about the way we enter and exit the asana and what we can do on the way to create the necessary alignment in balancing transitions.

Find out more here:

New livestream page (showing schedule, topics and more)

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    Alessio (TINT)
  • on 17.09.2021

With the new livestream page you are now able to see our livestream schedule grouped by month and corresponding topic of the month. Besides we included individual sections about each monthly topic to explain what you can expect. The monthly topic descriptions are accompanied by our newly introduced perspectives (emotional, body, and teaching perspective).  

See the new page:


This is what you can do with the new page:

  • See livestream schedule
  • See next quarterly event
  • Sync all livestreams to your calendar (you can also click here to do this)
  • Read more about the monthly topics including the perspectives
  • Add individual livestreams to your calendar
  • Share individual events on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't forget to add all livestreams to your calendar. With the new feature to sync all events you can easily view them in your calendar and you are always up-to-date. The sync also ensures that all our new events will be added automatically.

➡️ Sync livestreams with your calendar

Body, Emotional, and Teaching Perspective for All Series

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    Doreen (TINT)
  • on 17.09.2021

As you may have noticed, each series and class has a detailed description that is further divided into three perspectives:

  1. Body perspective
  2. Emotional perspective
  3. Teaching perspective

Now, what do the individual perspectives tell you?

💪 Body Perspective

This describes what you will feel in your body during the practice and/or how your body will feel after the practice. A practice can, for example, be demanding and challenging or soothing and relaxing, etc.

❤️ Emotional Perspective

This describes how the practice will affect you emotionally, i.e. your inner wellbeing, your feelings, and emotions. It will help you, for example, to get an idea of whether this particular series or class will energize you or calm you down or the like.

📚 Teaching Perspective

This is of particular interest to you if you are a yoga teacher yourself. You'll either find an explanation of the relevant TINT instructor indicating what to pay attention to when you want to teach this series or class yourself, or you'll find tips and ideas on how you can use the relevant series or class for your own teaching.

Self-Reflection Quizzes for Our Most Popular Series

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    Doreen (TINT)
  • on 17.09.2021

We have a new feature for you to better support you on your journey to personal growth and success

For some of our most popular series, we created self-reflection quizzes so that you can recap what you've learned over the course of the relevant series. This helps you to better memorize any new information that you've obtained while practicing. 

This way, we want to act as your true partner and coach and give you another valuable tool on your way to become a happier and healthier you.

➡️ For an overview of the available quizzes go to our Quiz Overview.

Mark as watched

  • New Feature
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    Mike (TINT)
  • on 28.07.2021

From now on, you won't have to keep guessing which videos you have already watched. Mark as Watched was implemented to help you keep track of all the content you already accessed without having to play the video to check its content.

When you click on one of our videos, you will be taken to the video player page. Below the player, there is now a Mark as Watched button.

Videos that belong to a collection will be marked as watched in the video player. The videos will be faded and have a checkmark, so you can easily identify which ones you have already watched.

The button will change to Watched once the video reaches 90% in the seek bar in the player.

However, if you don't want the video to be marked as watched, you can simply click on Watched, and the button will change to Mark as Watched. That also applies to marking videos as watched. If you watched only a section of a video and want to mark it as watched, you can simply click on the Mark as Watched button.

Series: "Find Your Flow" with Ami Norton

  • New Release
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    Mike (TINT)
  • on 25.07.2021

"Find Your Flow" is our new collection of vinyasa flow practices that are as multifaceted as you are!

Find out more here: