Mark as watched

From now on, you won't have to keep guessing which videos you have already watched. Mark as Watched was implemented to help you keep track of all the content you already accessed without having to play the video to check its content.

When you click on one of our videos, you will be taken to the video player page. Below the player, there is now a Mark as Watched button.

Videos that belong to a collection will be marked as watched in the video player. The videos will be faded and have a checkmark, so you can easily identify which ones you have already watched.

The button will change to Watched once the video reaches 90% in the seek bar in the player.

However, if you don't want the video to be marked as watched, you can simply click on Watched, and the button will change to Mark as Watched. That also applies to marking videos as watched. If you watched only a section of a video and want to mark it as watched, you can simply click on the Mark as Watched button.