Body, Emotional, and Teaching Perspective for All Series

As you may have noticed, each series and class has a detailed description that is further divided into three perspectives:

  1. Body perspective
  2. Emotional perspective
  3. Teaching perspective

Now, what do the individual perspectives tell you?

💪 Body Perspective

This describes what you will feel in your body during the practice and/or how your body will feel after the practice. A practice can, for example, be demanding and challenging or soothing and relaxing, etc.

❤️ Emotional Perspective

This describes how the practice will affect you emotionally, i.e. your inner wellbeing, your feelings, and emotions. It will help you, for example, to get an idea of whether this particular series or class will energize you or calm you down or the like.

📚 Teaching Perspective

This is of particular interest to you if you are a yoga teacher yourself. You'll either find an explanation of the relevant TINT instructor indicating what to pay attention to when you want to teach this series or class yourself, or you'll find tips and ideas on how you can use the relevant series or class for your own teaching.