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It would be a good idea to give flexibility to your students like the monthly subscriptions. Also for this price you can get at least 1 hour, 4 zoom classes per month . It makes zero sense these new prices. For regular students, new offers are very limited. Lots of very good alternatives outside tint for lower prices and much more content. Tint is not adjusting to the post covid world.


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Mike (TINT)

Thank you for your feedback. We believe that long-term growth and change can only be achieved with commitment. We are committed, to support ambitious yoga lovers on their journey to sustainable growth and success. We rather accept losing a few people who are not willing to commit for at least 3 months and use the energy to focus 100% on the ones who are willing to commit for 3 months or longer. One of our core values is "less but better". The new membership models reflect that.

With the new structure, we're also able to do much more for our customers.

Here is what's included in the membership:
- Monthly new series and classes
Weekly Live class with a focus topic for each month (replays always available after 24-48 hours)

- Daily practices (TINT of the day) - starting in October
Special Quarterly Live Event (such as the Inside Flow Digital Concert) - no additional ticket purchase anymore, as it's included in the membership

- Feedback portal for submit new content ideas and voting for upcoming content

Please comment below or send an email to namaste@tintyoga.com if you have more feedback to share.
Thank you so much :)


If you are ill (or your relatives ) or if you are on holidays or need to focus on your work or you are unavailable due to unpredictable events, why should you pay for a service that you are not using!?!


Mike (TINT)

Please contact us at namaste@tintyoga.com, we're happy to help out if you and your relatives are affected by covid health-wise.

For customers who want practice for a week and then stop again every time there is work or holidays to focus on, we are probably not the right platform. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers and not on/off transactions.

Please reach out if you have any further questions. We're happy to talk and support you on your yoga journey.